• A copy of Galunker - The book starring a pit bull. The funds to initially publish Galunker were raised through Kickstarter, where it's been a huge hit.

Every dog has issues.

BEAGLES can get stuck in trees.  
SCHNAUZERS sometimes sit on bees. 
GALUNKERS? Oh, where to start....

Galunker is an illustrated rhyming book, for ages 8-80, about a dog assumed to be dangerous, because he looks scary, 
whereas in fact he’s a perfectly lovable creature just looking for a home. Read more about the book DOWN HERE ⤵️ 
(we also recommend checking out the Reviews page 💕)

Galunker - The Book!

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Galunker's bag of love


Galunker's "Got You Covered" Tote Bag


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