About Us

Dula Yavne emerges from the world of graphic novels, so she brings a new sensibility to children’s book illustration. Douglas Anthony Cooper, while he’s written novels for adults and young adults, has always wanted to write a Seuss-like fable. And he has spent years advocating for dogs, as part of the No Kill movement.

Dula and Douglas, who are both huge dog lovers, decided that they would put together a parable about the prejudice against certain dogs. And the dog that suffers most from bigotry -- by a long shot -- is the pit bull. Or any dog that looks even slightly like a pit bull.

Hence, Galunker. A dog that might be a pit bull, and sure looks like one, and is being hunted down for this reason by the forces of evil. Except that he, unlike the people trying to capture him, is lovable and good.

So, that’s how it all began. Knowing how controversial a kids book starring a pit bull would be, and wanting to try something new, they decided to fund the publishing of the book through Kickstarter, where thankfully it became a real sensation: One of the most successful kids’ publishing projects in Kickstarter history.
The book took a long time to complete, as it was a complicated task, since while this book certainly has an agenda, it's first and foremost a literary and visual creation they both wanted take pride in and really get it right.

Eventually - they did :) 

And now you get to read it.